Investing in an rental accommodations

Beleef Lauwersoog offers the option to invest in a chalet with a fixed return on your investment. Beleef Lauwersoog will take care of all additional tasks related to renting out the accommodation, such as cleaning and renting out the property.

Your return can be a fixed return if you make the chalet available for renting the whole year round. Meaning you will not make use of the chalet yourself. You will receive a set percentage return on your purchase amount spread out evenly over twelve monthly terms.

Aside from the investment itself there are few expenses, as parkfees, lot-rental and utility costs are covered by us. You do have to take account for the insurance of the chalet and optional accessories placed upon the lot.

About the chalet

- Arcabo chalet type Miami

- Hardwood porch. 6,5 x 3,0 meter

- Pavement of +/- 20 m2.
(consisting of 50x50 cm tiles)

- Placing package including shipping
Chalet will be placed on lot ‘De Punt’ 31 or 32.
(Placement on this lot for personal use or combined rental/personal use also possible)

- Includes inventory
Chalet will be delivered rental ready.
(Pictures below are illustrative. Actual inventory might differ.)

Price: € 72.500,- Exc VAT
           (€87.725 Inc VAT)
Yearly 6% return on investment
          € 4.350 Exc VAT

Based on € 72.500,- exc VAT you’ll receive € 4.350 yearly exc Vat as return on investment. Paid in twelve equal monthly terms.