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Special Action

Special rate for cruise arrangement on September 22 2019.

Want to join in on this action? Contact us at events@lauwersoog.nl 

Special action for a cruise on the Nationaal Park Lauwersmeer. Includes coffee, pastries and a lunch in restaurant Het Booze Wijf.

Starts at:     12:00 (begins with lunch) At 13:15 the cruise will start.
Duration:    +/- 2 hours with snacks and drinks aboard.
Price:           € 35,95 p.p.

(30 seats still available.)

Included in this arrangement:

  • Cruise on the Lauwersmeer Lake of approx. 2 hours
  • Lunchbuffet Rottumeroog
  • Two drinks on board
  • Two rounds of snacks

National Park Lauwersoog is a stunning wildlife area. Over the water you’ll reach places that are normally not accessible. During this cruise you can find several (rare) bird species and timid animals. Scottish Highlanders, Konink horses and deer graze in the area.

You might also encounter some foxed, diving ducks and butterflies. The open water of the Lauwersmeer Lake is important drinking place (and sleeping place) for the thousands of goose that stay for the winter. Discover this stunning natural park with one of our ships. A unique experience that you will enjoy long after.