Dark Sky Expedition

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Dark Sky Expedition

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National Park Lauwersmeer is one of the few places in the Netherlands with a Dark Sky licence. It means that the area is free of ‘light pollution’. At night it’s truly dark, pitch black. It is so dark that at night you’ll be able to see the night sky like you’ve never seen before. You can literally see the universe light up at the sky looking straight into the Milky Way. Experience the universe like you’ve never experienced it before!

The next Dark Sky Expedition is scheduled for 25th of April, from 21:00 till 23:00

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Dark Sky Expedition
Experience the night as it is supposed to be experienced, without artificial light coming form our modern civilisation. Sail out with us at night and experience the star littered sky. Look straight into the raw universe.

Price:      € 16,00 - Adults (12 years and older)*
                € 11,00 - Children (4 up to 12 years)
                   Free   - Children under 4 years 
Duration:      2 hours

Adventure at night
It goes without saying that the Dark Sky Expedition doesn’t start till the end of the day. Sail out with us and start your journey with a magical sunset. Watch the inhabitants of the Lauwersmeer prepare for the evening and the night. Our guide will tell you all about it.

After, we’ll sail amongst the lake as the night falls. Slowly the night sky will become visible. Once the sun has fully set behind the horizon a true spectacle will start to unfold on the sky.

Once dark we’ll sail a while more so you can enjoy the stunning star littered sky.

Detrimental clouds
In order to fully enjoy the night sky it’s obviously desired to have a clear sky, without clouds. Unfortunately this lies beyond our control.

Fortunately the expedition offers several other elements with a magical feel. There is a big chance you’ll spot several inhabitants of the National Park, the bald eagle or maybe even the otter. A guide will present to tell intriguing stories about this stunning area and its inhabitants.   

The sunset gives a truly mesmerizing glow over the lake. There is a reason photographers call it the ‘golden Hour’.

The Netherlands, a beacon of light
Light pollution is a huge problem in the Netherlands, although most don’t realise this. The Netherlands is accounted to be one of the most lit up lands on earth. All the more special that the National Park of Lauwersmeer has been given the Dark Sky licence.

Especially nature is troubled by the light pollution. Birds for example are confused as to when the night falls. There internal clock gets on the fritz which can have a big impact on their breeding behaviour.

Luckily, Lauwersoog offers nature and its inhabitants a place where they can go about their business, without interruption.

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