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Spectacular ride across the Waddensea

Rescueboat Expedition

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We have a truly spectacular experience for the real adventurers; a ride across the Waddensea towards the North Sea with a rescueboat. Conquer the waves, feel the wind in your hair and experience the G-forces. Big chance you’ll spot some seals during the ride. Will you join us on a true adventure?

‘’Maddening! The adrenaline surges through your body as you bounce upon the waves.’’

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Rescueboat Expedition – Wadden Experience
Tag along on our Wadden Experience and, on our rescueboat, split the waves of the Waddensea and part of the North Sea. Speed over the water passing sand banks in the Wadden area and our skipper will tell interesting stories about the Wadden during several breaks.

Price:         € 39,50 per person
Duration:   +/- 1,5 hour

Rescueboat expedition – North Sea Experience
Tag along on our North Sea Experience and we’ll bring you to an actual drilling platform just above the isle of Ameland amidst the North Sea. Split the waves of the rough and open sea and gaze upon this impressive structure up close. An unique experience you’ll remember for a long time!

Price:         € 56,50 per person
Duration:    +/- 2 hours

Rescueboat Expedition – Around the Schier
Tag along on a tour around the ‘schier’ isle. Enter the rescueboat en sail a full lap around the the isle of Schiermonnikoog. Our skipper will tell interesting stories about the island, the north Sea and the Wadden Sea. A definite recommendation for the true sailors!

Price:         € 69,50 per person
Duration:    +/- 3 hours


Due to safety reasons a minimum length of 1,40 meters is required to participate on this expedition. This expedition is not suited for pregnant women or people with back pains.

On request this expedition is suitable for the disabled.  

Short, shorter, shortest…

Besides the expeditions mentioned above we also offer a short expedition of 15 minutes. Only available when booked in combination with other activities or package deals.

Hint! Are you with a group? Combine the 15 minute expedition with one of our other activities, such as a sailing tour with the ms Silverwind.

Keep it dry

The sea can be wild and the waves can splash! Prevent getting wet and rent one of our dry-suits for € 7,50.

Maximum capacity
If we deploy all our rescueboats we can set out with a maximum of 24 persons at once. Coming with a larger group? Contact us for alternative possibilities.

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