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Nature always plays a central role at Beleef Lauwersoog. We love nature as it gives children – and ourselves just as much – the feeling of freedom. Nature knows no obligations, judgement or rules. A feeling of freedom that often leads to a feeling of fulfilment and happiness.

It is best visible with kids. Beleef Lauwersoog offers a big water themed playground and an indoor playground, yet a lot of kids still like to use nature itself as their own personal playground. Tree stumps becomes a monkey bar, the beach turns into one big sandpit and the bushes become the best hiding spot during hide and seek. Let your fantasy run wild and just fully enjoy nature!

Animation program
For guests of the park there the ‘Friends 4 Nature’ animation program. With this club kids can experience some cool adventures with nature at its centre. Not just extremely fun, but also quite educational.

The power of water
The outdoor playground next to Het Booze Wijf has water as a central theme. Here kids can learn all about the forces of water in a playful manner.

Experience path Lauwersom
The township of De Marne has constructed a floating footpath in 2015 that connects the educational water playground with the fishing port of Lauwersoog. A beautiful route to walk amongst and enjoy nature. The path will take you across an orchid-meadow and give you a good chance of spotting some waterbirds, dragonflies, and (in the evening) hunting bats.

Tip: The distance between Het Booze Wijf and Waddenpavilion De Noorman is about 2 km (1,2 miles). A perfect distance for a proper walk that takes you across the Experience path and through the harbour. Ask the reception for a print-out with directions or download here.  

State Forest Management
Beleef Lauwersoog cooperates a lot with the State Forest Management. For kids there are also a lot of fun possibilities. Kids can get their Forest Trooper diploma in the ‘forest-shed’ or play at the ‘cabin-woods’. For the youngest – and secretly also fun for the older kids – there is a ‘leprechaun path’. The State Forest Management regularly organises fun activities for both the young and old.

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