Stacaravan kopen - Verplaatsing traject

Babbelaar chalet kopen

Can you picture it? Your very own chalet right beside the lake Lauwersmeer. The place to go to with your family or friends to escape your daily troubles. Simply enjoying the evening and sundown from the porch on your very own spot.

Investing in a chalet for either your own use, to rent out or a combination of the two. A holiday house, a profitable investment and beautifull raw nature all at once!

No fuss concerning renting out and cleaning the chalet, as this is handled through the park. Rental availability is determined by the owner (you) and therefore always available for private use.

Beleef Lauwersoog will take care of all proceedings concerning the rental process. When chosen for 'full rental' you'll receive a garantueed return of 7% of the purchaseprice of the chalet. 

At this time there are 3 properties available, lot number 9, 10 and 11. See the map below for their location on the park. 

Would you like to know more? Contact us at and we will happily provide additional information.