Beleef Lauwersoog


N361 Closed Off

N361 Partially Closed Off - from 02 till 23 september 2019

Due to roadworks the N361 is partially closed, marked in red on the map. If you want to go from the vicinity of ‘Zoutkamp’ toward Lauwersoog, (or the other way round) it’s quickest to follow the black route on the map.
Extra travel time is approximately 15 minutes.

You can follow yellow road signs consisting of an arrow with a number placed in them. For each intersection the arrow will indicate whether you should make a left or right turn, or when you should go straight ahead.

From Zoutkamp, passing Anjum, towards Lauwersoog > Follow the signs with a 4
From Lauwersoog, passing Anjum, towards Zoutkamp > Follow the signs with a 3

Download here a PDF file with the alternative route.