Wedding in nature

Getting Married

You are looking for a unique location to seal your love? At Beleef Lauwersoog we'll do everything to make your wedding special. We know you want it to be a special day. 

We can arrange everything for you inhouse, from the ceremony to the party and also your wedding night. For a large group of guests or a intimite group, we'll gladly contribute to a day you guests will remember their whole live. 

Unique locations

Give each other the YES word on one of our ships, in our restaurants or on the terrace with a beautiful view over the Lauwersmeer or over the Wadden Sea. If you want to make your wedding a true experience, it is also possible to marry on a sandbar in the middle of the Wadden Sea, an island in the Lauwersmeer, in the middle of the forest or on the boat in the harbour.

A wedding day exactly to your wishes

Every wedding day is unique and every bride and groom has their own wishes. We are therefore happy to discuss with you how your wedding day should look like. On the basis of your wishes, we would like to make a proposal for this special day. Of course it is also possible to have a part of your wedding day with us such as just the ceremony, dinner or party. Tell us your wishes and we will arrange it!

Contact Nadia our weddingplanner directly by sending an email to or 0519 349133.

She makes sure that everything is arranged for you down to the last detail.

Hope to see you soon in Lauwersoog.